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Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
/t this holiday but they want electronics. ahead on 7 on your side this >> the u.s. continue to climb it's way back, the u.s. is turning to south korea to help. abc 7 news david louie attended a match making event in santa clara today. technology is a key driver of the south korean economy. making up 40% of the trade w out the components, americans might not have smart phones or tv monitors. >> this is under celebrated fact that the technology purr vais homes of most americans.. >> the agreement is paving the way for more investmentvc'e÷ and partnerships between silicon valley and core rea. 500 companies are showing off their latest technologies, at a two-day conference. nancy developed in a -- california tech firms see koreas as a partner. joaquin sold his company for the energy industry. >> korea is a great launch pad. very innovative. a great track record, u.s. companies are teeming with large companies like lg, samsung to be the launching pad to be a spring board for the world. >> samsung is a electronics giant but has been engaged in a legal battle with apple over patents. the deputy min
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
transactions from 500 u.s. retailers. smaller version of theck&1 new slimmed down imac commuters will go on sale for $1300. wilt not be available until next no. >> a follow up on a story last night. a mother coming to the dpeens of four police officer who's orderered her son to do push ups for an act of vandalism. the young man was one of five ordered to drop to do push ups after seen smashing a mailbox. officials protested and police chief ordered an investigation.%vmo saying officers overstepped authorities. the officers face suspension. but the mother says the officers taught her son a lesson, she does not think they should be suspended. >> and just ahead going to war over military roles in combat. >> it's bad forearmed forces for our service members and needs to be changed. >> new legal challenge. why some say changing this would be a mistake. >> comments on a deadly attack in libya. republicans say they're more troubled an ever. >> meet the scientist who answers e mails about the mayan calendar end of the world profesy. >>> more service women suing the defense department saying the
Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
in the u.s. ronald jones served six years in the army and has been homeless for 1 years. soon he'll move into the commons. >> this is the best veterans day gift i could get. >> those who live in the commons will get medical care, counseling, camaraderie, and a permanent police to -- place to call home. >> this is the first veterans homeless housing to be built in san francisco since 2000. they'll hold an open house tomorrow. >> ama: still to come, back to the bargaining table at ray raleys as more workers hit at the picket line. >>> and a look back at the fire season. >> there's big money in the book market but maybe not the way you thought. we'll show you one man who struck it rich on one book. >> leigh: this morning, temperatures chaos some parts of the >> ama: contract talks resumed at the labor dispute involving raley employees. they have said cop sessions are necessary to keep the chain competitive with nonunion grocery stores. the company operates 130 raley's superstores in california and nevada. >>> better stock up on your twinkies, hostess bakers are on strike. picket lines are s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3